Jewelry Repair: Healthcare for the Treasures

Las Vegas Jewelry Repair

It happens to the best of us. We leave our watch in a random bathroom once we take it off to wash our hands. It's lying in a puddle of water when you are back for it. We leave our pendant necklaces out on our dressers that unintentionally become play toys for your cats. You find it under the couch days later, completely disassembled, needless to say. Then there's the worst: dropping your diamond engagement ring down the kitchen sink during dish duty. Yikes!

Las Vegas Jewelry Repair

We all have our moments of jewelry mishaps and the occasional catastrophe. If we're fortunate enough, the item can be revived with a little trip to the jewelry store "emergency room". This is where your trusted jeweler and their expert jewelry repair services come in handy. The people who work in these shops see most of these cases every day. They may be well-equipped and skillfully trained to handle jewelry emergencies of all kinds.

The most common pair of circumstances is having a loose setting or broken prong. These little twists happen everyday and take little time to fix. A quick trip to the back, a little doctoring from the master jeweler, and will also be back home in no time. Many professional jewelers haven't much to no wait time as well! It's great for all you on-the-go patients.

Other well-documented installments of fine jewelry emergencies are nasty broken links, busted chains, and crushed clasps. If the cats played tug of war along with your favorite sterling silver necklace or perhaps your teenage daughter broke the clasp in your anniversary tennis bracelet, a jeweler will have just the right cure for your gold and silver coins. Sometimes, all it takes is an easy casting or re-casting of the links to have your items appearing like new. Other times, you may have to have certain stuff like chains completely replaced. However, most pendants may be easily matched to similar chains and also the resulting look can appear exactly like the original did.

The largest crisis of all is losing a stone altogether. No amount of jewelry repair can completely make you stay safe from this diamond disaster. However, annual repair and regular maintenance is definitely advised and has a high success rate for warding off this nasty misfortune. Inside the unfortunate event that this should happen and a stone is lost, you should always have a good insurance policy. Most fine jewelers offer their valued customers these extremely valuable plans. However, you can check around for other jewelry care options and plans.